Black Rock and a little déjà vu

When we read we often look to find ourselves within the context of the writing. We want to identify with the characters. We want to find our voice and perspective among the issues at hand, whether in favor or against. Last night I found myself, smack dab in the middle of a book I’ve been reading. Like, for real. Continue reading


Let’s Talk About Diversity (from MFT)

Editor’s Note: This essay was originally published on the Musical Family Tree blog on June 17, 2016. Some content, style and formatting may differ from the original version. For the original version, please click here.

I’m inviting you to join me on a topic that is uncomfortable for some, but important and necessary as we proceed forward as human beings. I’ve been having these sorts of conversations a lot more these days, which is a positive sign to me that you are all ready for this. We’re going to talk about racial diversity in the rock music community… or the often lack thereof. Continue reading

Seneca Village

I love watching PBS programs. They are generally very interesting with a lot of lessons to be learned, history to be reflected on, and great conversation points. This week I tuned into the 10 Parks That Changed America.

The segment focused on public parks and even cemeteries that changed the way our country thought about public space, city planning, and community services. But what really got me was the portion of the program dedicated to New York’s famed Central Park. It was described as a strategic break from the harsh conditions of city life, a place for fresh air, outdoor activities, and time with families. The narration even went as far as to say that it was meant to be a place to bring people of all backgrounds together.

But that’s where things took a shift Continue reading